The Grew-Sheridan Studio is a small, independent woodworking studio that was originally founded in 1974 by John Sheridan and Carolyn Grew-Sheridan (1947-1996). Carried on by John, the studio (now known as the San Francisco WoodShop) continues to produce unique, finely crafted furniture pieces. Additionally, John has opened the studio to students of all backgrounds to learn the art and craft of fine woodworking.

Explore the blog posts for articles on specific examples of furniture produced at the studio as well as general thoughts and writings on the practice and culture of woodworking. Information on woodworking classes, what to expect and how to enroll, can also be found in the pages on this site (linked in the navigation menu).

Introductory class

Thank you for your interest in the woodworking classes.

We will start in an evening with handouts and a review of paperwork and Wood As A Material. In the regular class we will practice milling and making with machines and tools. The first projects are a sanding block, a tray for your tools, a sample dovetail, a practice mortise and tenon joint, and a small bench or table of your design.

There are only up to seven people in each class. You can reserve your place by calling for an appointment and by sending or bringing to the shop the first month's tuition of $300 and $60 for the introduction. Half of this payment will not be refunded if you decline to start the classes. I will provide a few things to start .You will need to buy your own tape measure (1/2" x 12'), Veritas sliding square tool, and safety glasses. Eye glasses are fine for woodworking. A variety of tapes and glasses are for sale at Center Hardware on Mariposa and other hardware outlets. Please take a moment to discuss any purchases of tools.

The handouts at the beginning are abundant. The optional textbook is :

Collins Complete Woodworkers Manual
Jackson and Day, 2005 Edition from Lee Valley Tools
ISBN 000-716442-4
2006 edition (not the 1995 edition) in hardcover

Please review the Student Tool List for additional information.
Please call if you have questions.